JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and I’m going to do a product review for you guys today, today is going to be Original Targus Apple iPhone iPod Stylus Pen in black silver.
Okay guys as you can see here is just a basic stylus it has this little clip there for you to clip it into your pocket, or your shirt pocket if you don’t want to lose it which comes in handy. It’s a small size, portable for you to carry wherever you go so perfect for business people. If you have iPad that you take to seminars or meetings and need a stylus to take notes or if you`re reading a book and need to turn pages, this will be perfect for you. It’s going to work for any touch screen devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod touches anything like that, it`s going to work for your phone. We called it capacitive type of touch screen which means basically a long time ago they made this screen so that you can just, the screen will activate just by fingernails, not actually with your skin. But nowadays they made touch screen work with the touch of your skin as suppose with anything else, so I guess you should avoid pocket dials and things like that.
So if you`re wandering if it`s going to work for your touch screen it`s going to definitely work for you.
This one`s made with durable materials and it`s going to last a long time. The silicone is durable so you don’t have to replace it. As a post we may like it a cheaper ones on the side so it`s going to make your money worth, it`s a good investment for your device. If you don’t like fingerprints on our iPad.If you want to use it to draw something which is a popular game. I have to draw something to account to so this is going to be perfect for your iPad to get all the details on there if you`re really picky for that. Maybe you`re an artist that`s want to practice your art on your iPad it`s perfect for that as well.
If you go to the descriptions here, you see more details on that. It shows 4.38 inches long, again it`s a pretty small size, its portable, compatible with any capacitive touch services, touch screen devices, it has a soft rubber tip put to prevent scratches to the screen, of course you don’t want scratches on your expensive device. If you need to draw, take notes, turn pages or if you don’t like fingerprints on your screen than this would be the product for you.
And if you want called it in to place an order with one of our geeks here, you can just provide us with the item number which is located below this big picture here. And there`s where the item number located for any other product. So feels free to give us a call at AccessoryGeeks.com or phone number right on top up here, 866-GEEKS-93.
Alright guys that was another product review from your Geek, JchunGeek. Thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from a geek.

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