Hi everybody, Marvelgeek here with accessorygeeks.com, this time we are going to take a look at Original Trident Aegis Samsung Vibrant and Galaxy S 4G Hard Cover Over Silicone Case with Screen Protector. Trident is actually my favorite manufacture of cases I have which is I have on my phone currently right now which is a galaxy S2, great manufacture, great model, great design
As you can see, it’s kind a hard to see with black and black model but we can scroll here and take a closer look.
We do have the plastic outlay here this is the whole part right here and then on the outside corner here and a little bit on the top of course in the front here is silicone which is that protective impact silicone. Something happens to your phone one to plastic is going to hit the front of it and damaged. And anything that through the plastic will transferred to the silicone which is gonna absorbed that. And if anything, any impact is going to hit your phone its very very minimal and its not gonna do any damage.
I’ve dropped my phone on a multiple places, multiple time and it’s just fine. No problems, no scratches no nothing, it’s great.
And you can take a look here at the back of the case itself. It got the all open functions of course you got that right there, volume button on the sides. It has great open functions and of course it comes with a screen protector. As you are kinda hard to see here but basically its on your screen pretty simple. Its kinda like an application that allows you too squeeze the bubbles as thei are coming in so its gotta very patient with the application, that’s pretty much with what it came there, that nice little case and it’s a great prioce for the protection you get,I guaranteed you wont be needing any other case aling with this phone if you use this case, its great.
It comes with a variated colors, black is not the only one. I believe it does come with green, red, blue and pink.
Actually you know what? Here you go in the side here, there’s pink, there’s blue and red and of course it think we do had green as well
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