Hey guys, whats up this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today im going to do product review on the Original Zenus Samsung Galaxy Note Capsule Slide series hard case with kcik stand in white blue. Now the blue part will be this little strip here and this strip is neat because it folds out to be a kick stand as you can see here. Its kind of like a 2 in 1 item, you don’t have to purchase a separate stand. So if you use it in your office or class or wherever you may be comes in handy. So it folds out and folds back in if you don’t use it so it still has that slim profile, you don’t need to add another item to use it as a stand or anything like that. We don’t have the picture of the front of the phone but it does just covers to the edge of the screen and it doesn’t have any built-in screen protectors so you need to purchase it separately but we do have them available and in stock so check those out.
This case comes with all the cutouts that you`ll be needing, camera, flash, stylus, speaker. It has the cutouts for basically everything. The volume button are covered so those ar all well protected. Other than that its doesn’t obstruct the use of any of the functionalities.
This is actually made of a really good plastic,. The quality is good so if you ever drop the phone it will definitely protected, it wont crack or break as easily as the other plastic case.
It’s a 2 piece case, as you can see here in the picture there is a little line and it where it kind of seperates. It’s a slide series so it would slide in together. Its really easy to remove if you ever need to take off the case for any reason.
And if you don’t want the blue strip here we do have available in different colors so check those out. We have black with the blue strip, we have top of the pieces black and bottom is white and the strip is white as well. So you can really check those out on the the site. it’s a great investmnent for your ecpensive you might want to keep it protected and this is definitealy a product that i recommend to you guys.
I hope this video really helpful and remember, you got it from a geek.

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