Hey Guys, this is MarvelGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com, this time we are going to take a look at one of our trusted models from Otterbox, it’s the original Otterbox Apple iPhone 3G and 3Gs Commuter series case in green.

This is a very simple case here, it’s a little difficult to see while you are on the page but there`s a better look there. The green part is the silicone and the clear is plastic which is the outlay of it.

Its designed for you so that you get the green feel for the whole case. And still got a plastic protection of it. Which is kind of neat because not many manufacture do that, usually it’s like a 2 tone color black and green and I do they offer you that.; but some people say hey I want to go with green. So if you want some plastic, protective. Instead of that tree in other shade out there, you want to just have a nice clear piece. But the basic commuter series Otterbox comes in 3 things, silicone which is the green body set, the plastic of course and the screen protector which is not listed here, it’s kind of hard to see. But basically this 3 provide the ultimate protection for your phone. It’s a really good idea, if you only want just get one case to end it all. If you don’t like switching out cases all the time because I knew some people here do all the time. One of my co-workers talk about them today. And the geek like ‘Ahhhh… I got to get a new case for my phone” which she just had it, I’m not that kind of person. I like one case or few case, no pun intended. This will definitely the one that you`re looking for.

And it’s one case for iPhone 3 because even though not the newest iPhone you still going to need protection because it’s a phone, you got to use it, because we know how exactly that is. And I would definitely go with this one if you had the opportunity to again of course, we do have other colors that may not be available right now, take a look at those and that’s pretty much it.

Otterbox is a great manufacture, we trust them, you should too. Probably should check on their website.

My name is MarvelGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com. you can call all the geeks here at 866-433-5793, Monday to Friday, at 8AM to 4PM PST. That’s pretty much it guys.

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