Hey guys its Marvel Geek here off course with accessorygeeks.com, this time we are gonna talk about the original otterbox defender series for Samsung Infuse 4G
It comes with the holster build in screen protector dual layer protection triple protection for you and we gonna get a good idea what it is for you.
of course the defender series otterbox is pretty much the biggest otterbox they carry. Its most protected and is the bulkiest so for you that doesn’t mind a little bit of bulk this what you go with. It comes with three main features on it and its kinda hard to get a look all of them.
But you’ll see here is we got this outer back if you can see them a bit ridged it is hard plastic then there is silicone inlay on it which is hard to see in the pictures listed here but I guaranteed you it’s there, so the silicone is a shock absorbent you see and of course in the front on the screen is a build in screen protector you don’t have to apply it, its automatically on there so this phone is on the case at all times. And it comes with the holster you see from the multiple pictures for you those who keeps it in your belt for easy access there
So it’s basically the master protection for the Samsung infuse that you can get on the market.
Otterbox been around for a while making a quality product everyone loves them, I love them too so it’s definitely to look at, for those of you that’s looking for a heavy duty protection that you can’t get it anywhere else. So I definitely suggest that you get the opportunity too because this is will pretty much leave it here to your phone, you pull out the case and your phone looked brand new. Especially when you want to sell it or cycle it or give it back. Something like that so you don’t ruin it and have to worry about warranty .
That’s pretty much of it, my name is Marvelgeek with accessorygeeks.com. get a hold to the geeks here at accessory geeks from 8 am to 4 pm PST, Monday to Friday
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