Hey guys whats up this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today i am going to do a product review on Pantech Hotshot Rubberized Hard case in black. Again you must have the Hotshot, this case designed specifically to fit your phone, pantech hotshot again. As you can see here, it’s a really slim design so it will fit precisely to your phone, it has all the cutouts for the camera, speakers also it leaves the side buttons volume open so you still have access to those as well, along with the headset, phone jack and powe button, all that is accessible while the phone is in the case.
If you`re wandering will it come with the screen protectors, unfortunately this particular item did not come with a screen protectors but we do have them sold separately so if you need screen protrectors to protect your screen from scratches i would have recommend that and we do have this particular case in other colors, it should come up on your right hand side, under Geeks Reccomendation, we do have different pattern and designs if you want to spice it up, we have carbon fibre, just a regular plain clear one, if you want to make it look like you don’t have any case on your phone. And we also have just a plain solid colors, such as red, blue and all that too.
Again if you want to keep your phone slim and not much difference from the size that is actually is. I would recommend this case.
We do have a video to help you guys removing the case, if you guys need to remove it for any reason. Its actually a snap on case so you don’t need any tools to snap it on the phone, but you may need a pry tool to gert it off from your phone. It helps from the tiny tabs that snaps on.
Agai it`s designed to fit your phone precisely and if it doesn’t snap on together it may be loose or shaking in around in the case which you probably don’t want, so it might be a little tough to get it off the phone for that reason but this video should help you guys remove the case. And again there is a pry tools in the picture we do sell separately as well.
Subscribe to out youtube channel if you have already just search AccessoryGeeks and it has more instructional videos for any questions you might have. For our more common qqeustions.
Again here is some close up of the case. Again this is differen from an other silicon case, it does have a rubberized layer. A thin layer of rubber coating that lies on top of plastic so it provides the matte type finish. So it still easy to take in and out of your pocket, it doesn’t catch any lind or anything like that. And its just a perfect type of protection for everyday use.
Again it’s a low price only at Accessorygeeks.com and remember you got it from a geek.

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