Hey what`s up guys this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com, have it to you a Pantech Link II Rubberized Hard Plastic Case in Black. And just before we begin I just wanted to make sure that did you guys know that there is Pantech Link I and II, so make a double check on your phone befor purchasing this case.
Alright this plastic case is going to have as you can see here it`s a 2 piece case, front and back, it has the front piece and the back piece that will snap on together, you don’t need any tools, just snap and go, simple and easy, there is no clear protectors over the screen and keys just to be clear on that, you`ll have full access to you screen and keys, didn’t come with the screen protector again, so got to pick one separately, we do have that available if you guys ever need one. This case as you will see here, you`ll have access to the volume button, camera, on and off button, speakers, all that. They do have the cut out for, so you don’t have to worry about any of that.
For the price, you`re going to protect your case In this case, we do have them in different colors, we have clear, red, purple, blue. Anti glare`s available, and patterns available as well.
This case had a matte type finish, its not glossy like other plactic case that we also have. This also had a dimlier rubber coating on top so its going to provided a different texture, a little better grip if that’s what you`re looking for. You got slippery hand, dry hand or sweating hands whatever be, this would be the best case for you. And it doesn’t add too much bulk, easy in and out of your pocket. Perfecf for everyday use
Its definitely going to protect you phone from scratches and from braking.
And I must warn you guys thought, this case Is designed spesificaly to fit the Pantech Link II and its going to be fit securely on your phone, once you snap it, it`s going to be hard to get it off the phone, so you might have to purchase a separate pry tools that we also have available on our website. All you have to do is type pry tool and search, there will be a few video available.
The best way to take out the phone case, we do have a video of that as well, if you guys wanted to checked that out. Hopefully the visual aids would helped you guys out better.
But if you guys just want to take my advice, my advice is if you don’t want to purchase a pry tool, you don’t need to but I recommend you to have one. If you don’t have any pry tools and you`re trying to get this case off your phone, you`re going to have to I would suggest an old library card, a used credit card, expired credit card, you guys get the idea.
Give one of those used cards and you`ll see in this case here there`s a little sleek right here of the edge of the case and what we can do is that you`re goint to slide that cardin between this case. You will have to make some opening there, then you`re going to slide that card whatever it maybe all acroos, all around all over the entire case. And once you do that all the tabs should start popping off one by one.
If you aren’t carefull though, this tabs might break and once the tabs brake you wont be able to use the phone case again and it might not stays as securely as it once fit. So if you are having battery problems, if you ever found yourself removing the back of your phone for any eason it may be wether it to take out the sim card or micro sd card whatever the case wouldn’t recommend this particular case, I mean unless if you don’t mind taken off the case. If you are someone who wont be needing to back up your phone often I would go with this silicone case as supposed to this 2 piece snap on case.
Other than that if you`re just looking for something to protect your phone and you don’t access to the back of your phone that much, just looking for something thin, this is definitely the item that I would recommend.
Alright guys, that`s my video for the Pantech Link II Rubberized Hard Case in black, remember guys you got it from a geek.

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