Hey What`s up guys this is JchunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today i am going to talk to you guys about premium Apple iPHone 4/3G/3Gs iPod car Charger in white. Again this is premium type as it states in the title and i do have this product for myself and it works just fine, i haven’t had the original one but i figured it would work do the same.
Again you can see a closer picture here of the charging port. If you guys notice, the plastic part here is actually a bit thicker that the OEM data cables so if you guys have any types of case that obstructs the charging port like a Otterbox case or Trident case or you can just plastic case that are kind of block that area a little bit or has a plastic around it, it won`t fit there, this thing is too thick for it to fit, so anyone who has a silicone case that’s easy to take on and off or if you have a plastic cases that have the cut outs entirely at the bottom, it`s going to definitely work for those type of cases, much better than the Otterbox.
It does charges pretty fast, it`ll charges about maybe 30% or so within 30 minutes it`s usually what i found, so it will work for someone whose need of quick charge up, between destinations, just so you would avoid from purchasing an extra battery which can run up to 80$ and this item is cheaper, a lot cheaper than the OEM stuffs and it charges just as fast, it has that charger indicator, the little circle part there will light up to let you know its charging and it comes with this protective plastic packaging so it doesn’t damaged during transit.
If you go under compatibility, it will show you which phone models that compatible for, Apple iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4 also the 4S its not listed here but also the 4S along with the other iPod which will include the iPod Plastic, iPod touches, unfortunately it doesn’t work for iPod Shuffles because the older generations have a different connectors , other than that it will work for the rest and i would not recommend for the iPads either but if you have other Apple product it will work for those, and its within my budget so i purchase this one. And again it works just the same.
Under description again it will show you that it’s a rapid charger, compact light weight, so if you want to just take it around with you, or you can purchase one for each vehicele you have. But then again, just work as good.
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