Hey what`s up guys, its your girl JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com, today I am going to do a product review for the Premium HTC Droid Incredible 2 Screen Protector. And this is going to be just a regular premium clear screen protector. Its crystal clear so once you apply it to your screen it is as if there is nothing on your screen and its going to do sharper view or make your screen any dimmer or lighter, its definitely going to protect your screen from scratches, abrasions, in case you drop it on the floor because it sometimes happen. Alright, let~s what else.
This product will come with everything you need. Comes with one screen protector, a cleaning cloth made of microfiber. That’s important because you don’t want to remove the dust on your screen with a different type of material that would scratch your screen. So microfiber cloth is a very soft cloth, its going to remove all the dust on your screen. Removing the dust part is the most important part because if there is dust on your screen, that’s what going to give you bubbles. And also some people like me, bubbles makes me crazy, there were all over my screen so I make sure to get all the dust off there. So guys make sure you get off all the dust, we cant stand it enough if you don’t want any bubbles. But if you are fine with bubbles I guess you don’t need to clean your screen, but I wouldn’t advice that you do.
Alright guys, the other little part piece there is what we called a squeegee ,that’s what going to help you push out all the bubbles
Once after you apply the screen protector to your screen. And we do have a video for you in case you need some visual aid. Because in every channel we do have other instructional video, further devices that are really popular that a lot of other geeks have question about then, check it out for more videos.
As you can see here this screen protector is pre-cut to fit the dimension of your HTC droid incredible 2 screen and it will continue us to be able to use the touch function which is neat so you can keep your screen protected, you still freely to use your phone just like normal and you don’t have to worry about any dmaages to your screen which is nice, I would not want it to damaged my expensive devices. What I do is just protected for a low cost, so it’s a good investment. I would recommend it to everybody. I know I always have a screen protector, that’s just me personally. Some people don’t like it but I will say why not. Better be safe that sorry, right?
Okay, we do have other tyoes of screen protectors, we got anti glare, 2 packs screen protector if you need more than one but again this is a premium type so its not as filmsy or thin like the ones you may find on other sites like eBay.
Once you purchase this you probably won`t need to buy another one in a quite some time, it will last if you only use it for daily use, it`ll last 6 months to a year, so definitely a good investment, I would recommend this to you guys.
So yeah, purchase this and see what you think, leave us a review, we do have a public review that other users will leave so tell us what you guys think.
So that’s my public review for the premium HTC droid incredible 2 screen protector in clear, thanks for tuning in guys, this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and remember, you got it from a geek.

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