Hey guys whats up this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today i`m going to tell you guys about the Premium Samsung Infuse 4G i997 Screen Protectors. As this your basic screen protector, clear, and it`s cutouts spesifically to fit your phone, the Samsung infuse 4g so no need to worry about pre-cutting it or cutting it into fit the dimension of your screen size, its already cut for you.
It doesn’t obstruct the earpiece it has a cut out for that. Otherwise everything else is protected.
The Samsung infuse actually does have a pretty huge screen, so there`s a lot of potential for that phone screen to damaged, and you don’t want that to happen. Maybe one of the reason why you purchase this phone was for the screen size maybe you wanted to watch videos or things like that, more clearly on your phone. So you definitely want to keep it protected and this is definitely going to do that for you.
It has everything you need, comes with the cleaning cloth and what we called a little squeegee. And that’s basically to puch up all the bubbles that you might get when you apply the screen protector.
Again this is a premium type so when you apply this you probably wont have to replace or purchase another screen protector for a quite some time. Only when you happen to have scratches on it.I`d rather to get my screen protector scratch than my actual screen, definitely worthed and a good investment. We have a video for you here. Its basically a general video, this one`s going to show you how to apply the screen protector for an iPhone 4. But its basically the same way to apply the screen protectors for any device so hopefully this video is going to help you guys out. Subscribe to youtube channel if you haven’t already, its AccessoryGeeks on youtube so subscribe to that channel guys. Got a lot of useful information on there for you guys. And its all for you guys to get a better idea because we are an online store so its kind of hard to explain things over a video like this, audio or even on the phone when you call. Its hard to explain to you guys. So that’s why we create videos like this hopefully to help you guys out.
So that’s basically your basic premium screen protector, we do have other types available, also we have anti-glare if you guys try to avoid glare we do have those available. Or anti-gloss which has that matte type finish, so those are all available for you as well, but this basic screen protector if you just want a screen protector with a plastic case. Because a lot of plastic case doesn’t comes with screen protectors, so most of the time, people bundle those together and purchase that as a set, so highly recommended, you want to keep your screen protected and i`d love to see what you guys think, leave us a review, we got all the reviews, we read them and we appreciate that.
So thanks for tuning in guys, this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and remember, you got it from a geek.

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