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In this first episode, the Geeks discuss the iPad Mini. What is your take? Comment below!

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Hello and welcome! This is our first Geek Round Table discussion. Today we are going to be talking about the new Apple iPad Mini.

So, we’re going to talk about a few points and we’ll all discuss whether or not you buy it or you want to sell it. So, I think first and the most important topic is, the iPad Mini has a $329 price point. Is this enough to entice prospective buyers, yourselves included?

So, I think, I actually think it is almost there. I think $299 was where it needed to be, in term of dominating the below 10 inch tablet market. People have a lot of options now, it’s not just like, you know a Galaxy Tab 7. It’s really potent devices like the Kindle HD, the Nexus 7 that come at $200. So, I think people do still see Apple as a premium product, and would be willing to pay a premium but I don’t know if $130 is enough.

So, did it come to your price point?


I was so ready to buy, until the announced the price. It actually makes me think do I have to pay a little bit more and get an iPad?


I was thinking the same thing too. $299 would be about the range where I would have been like actually more willing to buy it it even as an iPad owner, a macbook owner, and an apple owner, or an iPhone owner but, I feel like they just put that price there because they knew that they could to get that extra you know…the Apple tax. Apple tax, right, exactly. People paying that premium because it is the Apple product and they know that people will be on board to pay a little bit more than the $249 or $299 price.

Yes, like I really think that this was a really unique product because Apple does have an iPod Touch and it’s 32 GB for $300. So, the big question is would they actually undercut that at $250 or even match it. So now as someone who might not own an iPad or might not even own an iPhone, what do you want this person to buy? Do you want them to buy and iPod Touch or would you want them to buy an iPad Mini or do you want them to buy an iPad 2? I know that in the end they have their ecosystem and that’s what really makes them money, they get percentages off iPhone sales and app stores sales. But eventually you want to build product lines and a funny thing is, is that a big knock against Android was its fragmentation on different devices and different sizes, well it’s starting to happen to iOS I think.

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