Hey whats up guys, its your girl JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com bringing you yet another review for the Samsung Captivate Glide i927 Rubberized Hard Case on black.
So this is going to be a two piece case that you going to receive, comes in 2 separate pieces, one that’s snap to the front of case and one that snaps for the back of the case. As you can see from the picture, there are all the cut outs that you are going to need to access your camera, speaker, headphones charging port, volume button all that is accessible so you don’t have to remove your case if you ever use it for taking pictures or use your headsets, which is neat so you keep your phone protected, you have full functionality to it, which is nice.
If you`re wandering how does it snap to your case? Well you can see in that pictures here theres a tiny tiny little tabs that snaps on and there`s a tan in each corner. And basically it a really thin tab, they cant make it too thick or its not going to make your phone slide up and down, so you have to be careful when removing the case, because once those tab`s snap offs than you wont be able to use, the case no longer going stay on your phone. So you had to be carefull while you remove it for any reason, whether you need to charge the battery or im not sure, for whatever reason be careful.
This is a simple black color if you`re just ok with black, want to keep it neutral, maybe black is your favourite color, we do have this in black, or you want to add a splash of colour or match it with the outfit you wear for the day. We do have different colours available, we have them in blue, purple clear, so be sure to check that as well.
Okay guys this is not comes with the screen protector or any type of screen guard, there is no built in screen protector if you guys ever wandering that. So we do have separate screen protectors available those were sold separately, so check that out if you need screen protector as well. We have videos here in case you want to check out how to install or take off the case but again this is a slider type phone so it shouldn’t be too hard to take on and off the phone. Pry tools might help you out, we do have those sold seperately as well, so you guys want some help with taking off the case if you purchase that.
Again one is only going to be compatible to a Samsung Captivate Glide which is the slide out qwerty keyboard type phone.
Under the description tab you can find some more feature, so its going to prevent scratches to your phone if you dropped it, simple installation you don’t need any tools, its as simple as a snap and go type case. If you are wandering the difference between rubberize hard case and a simple regular hard case we have answers for that.
This particular case has a rubberize coating on top of the plastic case so its going to provide this type of matte finish, matte type finish. And it going to provide a different texture type than the regular glossy plastic case we have so its going to provide a better grip if you`re looking for a phone that gives you extra grip while keeping your phone slim, this is probably what you`re looking for.
Okay, again this is a slim plactic case, its not going to add too much bulk to your phone, this is going to keep you allow to remove the phone from your pocket easily, as a posture maybe it’s a silicone case where it catches all the lid and things like that. I like it for that reason, I had a few plastic case for myself, I thought that silicone case is personally not for me, I personally likes plastic cases better. If you guys maybe want to know the downsize to it or some cont for this product, I would say that if you ever drop your phone it could potentially break, if you`re dropping it from a long distance or its thrown hard enough the case will break and you may purchase a new one but again it will still keep your phone protected, I would rather have my phone protected than buying a new case or have to purchase another new phone for couple of hundreds dollars. So you do the math, I think its worthed..
Again the screen protector sold separately and we do have them in different colours again, and this multiple shape to Captivate Glide i927.
So yeah, check it out and tell me know what you think, leave us a review. Thanks for tuning in guys, and remember you got it from a geek.

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