Hey whats up guys this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today i am going to be telling you guys about the Samsung Galaxy Note Rubberized hard Case with Holster Kickstand in black.
Now this is a really popular that we carry, more suitable for businessman and businesswomen who like to have easy access to their phone from their belts so it does have a belt clip as you can see here on the holster and it has a really cool rubberized texture to it so you can get a better grip on the phone. I cant explain it better than its texturized.
So if you can see here, its like the textured lines, as it feels like a little bumpy against the touch of your hand and if you`re wandering how it works as a kick stand, its actually really cool. The belt clip is actually turns in to the kick stand as you can see here. There`s a little metal piece that you just have to pull out and it works as a kick stand for you, so its really convenient if you want to set it at your desk and remove it from your belt clip, belt loop and use it at your desk.
And its like a 2in1 protection, you have a back case cover for it and of course its going to protect the screen because when you put it in your holster it faces inward so your screen is not exposed. Since it has belt loop, you can have easy access to it, just grab it when a phone calls comes in you can easily grab that to answer phone calls or not as you can see here it has all the cutouts for the stylus, speakers, camera and your headphone jacks, it doesn’t obstruct the use of those things and you have fully use the function that the Samsung galaxy note comes with.
So their compatibliy you`ll see it only works with the Samsung galaxy note and i think its unfortunately doesn’t work for the international version, be aware of that. So it will only work for the US version. And we do have this in different colors if you guys ever interested. And we have videos. Instructional videos on our youtube channel AccessoryGeeks so subscribe to us if you haven`t already.
Here`s some closeup pictures of the item, and the case isn’t too bulky so it still has the slim fit, so if you don’t need the holster just need the case you can do that as well.
This case actually doesn’t come with the screen protectors so you would have purchase it separately, which we do have them in stock and available as well, so go check those out if you want to protect your screen from scratches and things like that. But other than that it faces inward on the holster and if you can see it has a velvet interior to avoid scratches from your screen.
So a really cool product, it make things really convenient, you wouldn’t have to purchase a separate stand. So its kind of like a 3in1 product just for one low price.
Alright guys thanks for tuning in, remember, you got it from a geek.S

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