Hey Geeks, this is AnimalprintGeek here with AccessoryGeeks bringing you another product review for Samsung Galaxy Note Silicone Case in Black.
This is a silicone case that has the cutouts for Samsung Galaxy Note. It is going to fit your Galaxy note like a glove so it is going to be very protective on your sides and corners. It has little cutouts so your camera can be view, your headphone jack, microphone and your charger. It’s a really nice case, simple black, no extras with it. And protects against scratchs and dust. Build with stretchy silicone material which resist moisture. Easily installed by stretching the silicone around your phone. Its custom cut with access to all buttons, ports and speakers. It is rubbery silicone so its not going to slide on your pocket that easy without a case but you definitely want to keep the case to keep it safe.
It is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy note.
Again in the back you have the cut outs for the camera, the cut outs for the jacks as well as your charger. But your volume button on the side are covered with silicone. But it is a soft silicone so you are able to press the button to change the volume up or down.
We do have silicone cases in different colors as well as the hot pink, we`ve got red, blue and we have also white.
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