Whats up, Whats up, you all this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com, today i am going to tell you guys about Samsung Galaxy Note Silicone Case in Frost White.
I must stressed to you guys that this is a frost white, its not a solid white, so its kind of hard to see since the original phone is white, but actually the case is a bit transcluscent, so its not transparent that you can directly see, kind of again frosty, it’s the best way i can explain it. As you see here in the Samsung galaxy it’s a little faint, its definitely not a solid white silicone case if that’s what you`re looking for, this is not the one you want or work for you. But this is a silicone case, it is very flexible in material so its really easy to take on and off the phone whenever you please. If you want to swith up cases, switch to a different phone cases, its definitely going to be much easier than try to pry a plastic case.
And it also has all the cut outs that you need, stylus, speakers and the cameras, as you can see.
This is not comes with the screen protectors so you have to purchase one separately, we do have them in stock, with different types of screen protectors available so check those out. But if you`re just looking for a basic protections, this one would definitely work for someone for just everyday use, to use everyday.
It would definitely wont break, if you would have dropped it on a floor it won`t break as maybe a plastic case would potentially break if you drop, this case maybe like tear if its got caught on something pretty sharp, but other than that. Its pretty flexible durable, doesn’t break and will last you a long time.
So if you look under description again it has custom cut, access to all button port and speakers, it’s a rubbery silicone case. Again it is going to be different from a crystal silicone case, texture but its going to give a slightly better grip than a glossy type of case would and its easily to install in your phone, you just stretch it around your phone and you`re good to go. Definitely protects from scratches and dust that you don’t want on your Samsung galaxy note..
So for someone`s looking for everyday protections who wants a basic silicone case, this is definitely the item that you`re looking for. We do have different colors available if you just want to add a splash of color or you can mix it up here and there depending maybe on your mood or wardrobe, we have different colors available as well so check those out guys, let me know what you think and remember, you got it from a geek.

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