Hey what`s up everyone, hope you all having a great day, this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today i`m going to be talking about the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Rubberized Hard Case in Black. You guys probably have a few questions about this item so I`m going to try to answer it the best I can for you.
Okay, the first question you may have might be whats the differences on a rubberized hard case and the regular hard case that we have. The answer to that question is this particular case has a thin layer rubber coating that lies on top of the plastic case so its going to give a matte type finish there and it`s going to give a silghtly different texture than the regular glossy plastic case would so provide slightly better grip as supposed to a regular plastic while keeping the phone slim and protected and just to avoid confusion there is no screen guard that built in to the front screen here, it might look like it, we do get that question pretty often but unfortunately this item did not comes with a built in screen protector, but we do have them sold separately so check those out. You can just type in Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Screen Protector and they should come up.
Okay this particular one is going to be a 2 separated pieces, a front and back case, that you just going to snap in together, there is no tools necessary to do this, its pretty much self explanatory, just snap and go, real simple. And its going to have all the cut outs, you can see here for the volume button, camera, headphone jack even the mic and speaker so you still have full functionality for this phone while its being protected. This is just going to be your basic protection for your phone, its not heavy duty but it will work for someone who just uses it like regular daily basis and not in any harsh condition like a construction area or anything like that. If you`re simply using it for school or simply at work this product definitely will work for you I think it will be pretty good protection. If that’s all you going to take it too.
A lot of people has a question on how to remove the case and we have a video for that so subscribe to AccessoryGeeksyoutube channel we have a lot of information there and a visual aids to help you guys on a common question we do get.
So for 2 pieces snap on plastic cases such as this one, you may need pry tools to get the case off. These case are made really secure so when you receive the case it you will notice there will be little tabs and they are going to lock in together so its going to be pretty hard to get the case off. They make the case this way because they want to make sure your phone is protected and so it`s snaps in securely and also it`s designed to fit your phone perfectly and to keep it slim. So you may have difficulties on removing the case but a pry tool will definitely help you remove that, we do have them separately as well. If you don’t have them, if you want to work with what you have and can`t wait for a pry tool to come to you if you haven`t purchase it with the case then I would recommend you can use a credit card or old credit card, you get the idea something like that, should work just as well.
If you slide it around the case, the case would pop up without breaking so I would recommend that. If you guys are concern about if this case will break if it falls, I mean to be honest with you guys it can happen, if you were to drop your phone from a pretty long distance there is potential that it can break but you know I would rather keep my expensive device protected rather than risking it.
So this case can break if you don’t want to risk that you guys might want to look at a silicone case which we do have available as well. But those one are slightly different texture so this one if you want to keep your phone slim and not too bulky then probably this is what you are looking for.
Again be sure to make sure which Samsung Galaxy version do you have, they`re coming out with so many different models. And for each carriersSprint, Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T. they all have Samsung galaxy line. Make sure to verify which one do you exactly have before making the purchase so you don’t have to do the returns and things like that.
Hope this video will help you guys out. We do have this item in other colors as well, just to let you guys know.
Alright guys, thanks for tuning in and listening to the video. This is JchunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and remember, you got it from a geek.

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