What`s up what`s up everyone its JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com, today I am going to talk about the Samsung galaxy S2 Skyrocket Rubberized Hard Case in solid White. Please keep reminded that there`s a lot of galaxy S2 and the galaxy S series that’s available from different carrier, so please make sure that you have the S2 Skyrocket before purchasing this product.
I like this case, i`ve had many many hard rubberized plastic case for my phones, I like this because it`s thin, it don’t add too much bulk to your phone, its perfect, its designed precisely to fit your phone models. As you can see it has all the cut outs for the camera, the headphone jack, the mic even, has access to your volume button, your speaker at the bottom, so you still have full functionality for this phone, your touch function will still work, it doesn’t obstruct any of your camera hole or anything like that. So perfect, its easy to take out, in and out of your pocket, your purse or briefcase whatever it may be. As suppose some of the silicone case there is a rubber silicone, sometime it’s a little tougher to take in and out of your pocket. And its speaking from experience so that’s why I still stick to my rubberize hard plastic case and a lot of people, you can switch it to different colors, there`s so many colors and styles that are available now, you know express your wild side with zebra case or cheetah case or just keep it plain and simple with regular solid color case. And its nice because I mean the phones comes out nowadays usually one color which is used either white or black, for the skyrocket I believe only comes out in black so if you really like the white and it doesn’t come in white you can just add a plastic case to it. Its just like you had a white phone.
I know a lot of people go to that route and not only does it provide a different look to your phone, it keeps your phone protected from drops and I know phones these days cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars and you don’t want to break that phone.
So easily protected with a nice plastic case, it doesn’t cost that much and must you know it doesn’t come with a screen protector but again we do have them available separately so check that out on our website, you can type it in search “Samsung Galacy S2 Skyrocket Screen Protector” and we should have a few different types available for this phone model, so go and check those out and remember, you got it from a geek.

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