To download the SmartDot software for your computer, simply go to the URL on the back of the package. Open a browser and type in "". You'll be redirected to a site that has the URL of "".

On this site, scroll down and on the right hand side where you see a picture of the Tangram and the smart phone, there's a button that says "Learn More". Click that and you'll be brought to another page where you'll scroll down and on the right side under support, you'll see links to different software downloads. Depending on whether you have a MAC or a Windows computer, you'll click the corresponding link to download the software that's appropriate for your computer. We have a Windows computer so we're going to download the Windows software.

Your browser will start downloading the software for you. Depending on how fast your internet is, this could take anywhere from ten seconds to a minute. Once the file has completed downloading, navigate to the folder where the files are saved. Right click the file and extract it. Depending on the extraction program you have, this may look slightly different however all you will want to do is extract the file.

Run the program and you'll be given a new folder with the file that will install the software. Double-click the file to run the application. You may get a security warning but this file is safe so please press "Run". If you have a firewall, you may get a message similar to this. You will have to allow access to allow your computer to run this program and to allow your iPhone to connect. Click "Allow Access". You'll be given this screen that displays an IP address. What you will do is open the app on your iPhone to connect to the SmartDot program on your computer.

Once you've downloaded and opened the Smart Dot software on your computer, it's very simple to connect your iPhone with your computer. Simply open the Smart Dot app on the iPhone, hit the presentation button and it will be prompted to enter an IP address. Type in the IP address if it's different than what's on the screen and press Connection. You'll be given a little popup on the computer that says "Mobile is connected" and your Smart Dot user interface will change. What this will allow you to do is control the mouse cursor on the computer with your iPhone as you can see here. What you can also do is control presentations software. It doesn't matter what kind of presentation software it is, with the left and right buttons, you'll be able to go through different slides. The laser pointer works as well.

All in all, it's a very simple user interface that is very easy to use. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Thank you for watching.

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