Hello hello, MarvelGeeks here with the AccessoryGeeks.com one more time, we`re gonna take a look at the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Extended Battery with door in black. It carries 3000mAh which is how much the battery power carries. I think the original Tmobile Samsung galaxy s2 carries abour 16 or 1700 or so you`ll get almost twice the battery life, but before you go any further I want you guys to know that this is for the T-mobile Samsung galaxy s2, Tmobile, so if you have At&t, sprint or even Verizon, you need to make sure your`e on the right section, T-mobile galaxy S2, Tmobile galaxy s2, if you are sure you have tmobile galaxy s2, than you`re in the right place, you`re looking right at it,
So lets gets the items itself, basically an extended battery is going to extend the life of your phone, its going to be a bit thicker because you`ll carry a little bit more battery life but its going to be well worth it.
We have an extended battery door as you can see the picture right here on the back hand it fits your phone, its fine but its extends out till the battery to sit there. So it`ll make your phone a bit bulkier but its definitely worth it especially when your running low on battery life.
One thing that has to keep in mind when you`re using extended battery is that you cant use many cases on that, virtually there are no cases available for extended battery, why is this?
Well generally its because manufactures don’t make extended battery, there`s too many different variations and sizes. And there’s not enough people that have them or to just to do making them. So when you thinking to use an extended battery keep in mind that getting case for it will be extremely difficult so it`ll be either to go with the battery life or cases for protections. Your best bet is to get the extended battery with the case to buy them together. Then again the T-mobile Samsung galaxy S2 extended battery, great call if you`re trying to extend your battery life, you don’t want to bring an extra battery with you
So from this here, accessory geeks.com, my name is MarvelGeek and remember you guys can reach us any time from 8am to 4 pm PST, Monday to Friday at 866-433-5793.
Thank you everybody and have a great day.

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