Hey Guys this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today I`m going to talk to you about T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Protector Clear.
This is a basic screen protector, it`s just like the description says its crystal clear so you can see directly through your phone and basic functionality is going to keep your screen protected from scratches, abrations if you ever dropped it on floor, when there`s too much gravel and things like that, that might damage your phone screen. Phone screen are expensive to repair so I need to make a good investment, I personally have a screen protector on my phone, I like to keep my expensive devices well protected so I always have a screen protector. This one is pre-cut to fit the dimension of your screen, it will have all the cutouts for the holes, its not going to obstruct any of the sensors so your touch screen will going to work.
This is going to include the screen protector, its going to include the squeegee card, that’s what you need to squeeze all the bubbles once you place it on your phone and it also comes with a cleaning cloth to clean your screen before applying the product.
And here is the idea of the packaging that comes in. again this is for T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2, slightly different from the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and also the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 so make sure to purchase the correct ones because they are all different sizes. Its kind of confusing nowadays with all the galaxy s2 and all the galaxy phones that are coming out.
If you guys are interested at maybe a different screen protectors we do have anti-glare as well as the mirror effect, so this one is the plain one that we usually have. People are basically only wants their screen protected.
So that`s that, we also have videos on instructions and how to apply it and how to smooth away the bubbles because some people do tend to share about that. Hopefully this videos can help you guys out.
Alright thanks for tuning in, this is JchunGeek at AccessoryGeeks.com and remember you got it from a geek.

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