Hey what`s up everyone this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com, today I am going to talk to you guys about Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Silicone Over Hard Case in black blue.
This case right here is perfect for someone who just want to keep their phone well protected I noticed these phones goes for hundreds of dollars nowadays and you don’t want to damaged this phone. So this particular case is not as protective as an Otterbox case or Trident case but it is very very similar this is the closest you going to get to those products. And its similar in the way it’s a dual layer so it got a snap on plastic case that’s over your phone and a then the rubber silicone case that goes over the hard plastic so it got that dual layer protection similar again to Otterbox Defender Case or Commuter Case. First of all this doesn’t come with a holster so if you`re looking for a holster you might want to go with the Otterbox or the Trident case.
This particular case do offer you in different colors, its got if you look at here all of the cutoffs are available for the speakers, the camera, that’s not obstructed. You can still take pictures and videos as you pleased. It actually cover the volume button but you are still able to use it. I guess you don’t have to scoffs it or damage it. It`s got a silicone flaps that goes over the headphone jack and whatever elses there, probably a mic. But those are protected so you can go turn over the silicone flap to use your headphone so when you`re not using it you can just keep the cover.
This one didn’t come with the screen protector so you would purchase it separately, we do have many different type of screen protectors available so just go and check those out. Again like I mention it has a dual layer protection, protects from scratches and dust. Its easily installable, you just snap on the plastic case and stretch the silicone case over so you don’t have to use any tools to do this. Basically snap and go. Again here you can see on the side we do have them in red and black, white and black so you can choose it whatever color you prefer.
Again this is will only compatible to T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2, its not going to work for the SkyRocket, its not going to work for the Vibrant. Only for the T-Mobile. Please make sure of that before you purchase it because we had many mistake order, customer orders for the incorrect model of the galaxy S2. Again there`s so many models .stars to see confusing. If you guys have any question though, you can give us a call at any Geeks here in AccessoryGeeks will be more than happy to assist with selecting the correct case for your phone.
Again this is perfect for everyday use, if you want more than just a silicone hard case protection but don’t need the extreme protection like Otterbox or Trident. This would be the next best options especially for the price range that.
Check it out, if you guys have any question feel free at AccessoryGeeks.com and remember, you got it from a geek.

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