Hey, this is JchunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com with another product review for the Tiko Fold Travel Phone Stand for portable video players like iPhone , Droid X, Evo 4G and others on Black and one thing that I want to mention about this product that I really like it for the reason its portable, it folds in and flat as you can see here.
So its portable, you can put it in your pocket, your purse easily wherever you go, also you will be able to adjust it, here is a better angle, which you be able to adjust the angle that you want for the phone to stand in, and lets see there`s 8 different angle that you can put it in or set it for. Not that only works for iPhone 4, DroidX, Evo 4G and other it going to work on thinner phone models.
Lets see, under compatibility, you can even use it for your thin tablet even the new Samsung Galaxy note its going to work for that iPhone even a Sony PSP anything that you want to view your video on. For me I have one on my desk that I used it during my break time I just like to set up my iPhone there and watch videos or net clips on it during my break or during my lunch and its really convenient for that.
We do have videos available on AccessoryGeeks youtube channel so subscribe to that if you guys have it already, we have a lot of information and videos on how to use products if you have any questions before you purchase it which is really neat, I like it, some visual aids if you guys want to know how it works.
So its handsfree, it has a kick stand, it folds thin, and its a great gifts because its universalso its practically going to work for every phone model out there, maybe not ideal for flip phones but definitely for newer smart phones and the PDA`s and anything like that so we have it available on white and pink as well if you don’t really like black or if you want to add a splash of colour on pink for the ladies. So this is a better idea, this is about how big it is compared to the iPhone 4, again this is like the airplane setting so you can use it on flight or if you travel a lot and also Tiko, I don’t think that this particular manufacture makes this anymore so maybe you haven’t seen that much out there, other seller sells it. But we do have them in stock and we have really low price, so check it out guys and let us know what you think and remember, you got it from a geek

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