Hey you all whats up this isJchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com today im going to pull some of the Apple iPad 2 cases that we have available, im going to select 3 from the cases that i want to show it to you guys.
The first that i choose is original Trident Aegis Apple iPad 2 Hard Case Over Silicone with Screen Protector and stand in black. So you click in to here. Its going to show you all the pictures that we have for the case. I actually purchase this for my own iPad 2 and i love it. It offers just the perfec t amount of protection that i need for my iPad, it doesn’t obstruct any openings or camera, or something like that and it doubles as the stand, works perfectly, i don’t have to purchase a separate stand and it protects my ipad at the same time.
Comes in with the original packaging as you can see here.awesome, ages.Its kind of hard to see the dual layer but this has the silicone case that goes over the iPad first and then you will have this back layer here that’s plastic that you put just over the silicone case then you`ll have the dual layer protection. If you`d ever dropped it on the floor,. It has the silicone bumper corners to protect it as a shock absorbancy which i like. And its just for my everyday use, i just take it to the school, is convenient, i put it in my backpack, its not hard to take in and out from my backpack, it even protect the home keys so it doesn’t get off scratched up or anything like that on my backpack. I can use the stand while im in class. I just have it stand and write my notes there.
We even have a video here, if you want to see exact way to install the case on your phone. Pretty neat.
This one also comes in different colors, so trident is know for having different color availability, we have it on blue, pink and green, red i believe so check it out, all you need to do is type in Aegis Apple ipad 2 and it should show all the colors that we have, so i really love this case. I recommend this, i don’t have any issues on it. So far it last for me a long time, i haven’t had to buy another case for it. But i must warn you that it wont fit for the new iPad 3, a lot of people having questions regarding that but unfortunately no, its not going to fit the iPad 3, its just a little too thick for this case to fit on there so the silicone case wont fit properly and it`s not going to snap on and have a nice fit. So that’s one thing that i must warn.
All of the port is accessible, i don’t know if i mentioned that, but the camera hole cutout is there, its also comes with a separate screen protectors so you don’t have to purchase a separate screen protectors.
So definitely worth the price and it’s a good investment for your ipad 2. You don’t want to spend 600-700$ fot you iPad 2 only to break it so definitely worth it, i recommend it.
Yeah, pretty neat.
Alright guys, remember, you got it from a geek.

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