Whattup whattup guys? JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to be doing a product review for the Original Trident Aegis Samsung Infuse i997 Rubberized Hard Cover over Silicone Case with Screen Protector in Blue/Black .

So as you can see here, it is a two piece case. You can't really tell in the picture but it does separately into two different pieces. First, it is the black silicone case which is the black part of the case that you see here and the blue part is the plastic shell that goes on top of the silicone so first you have to slip on the silicone case on top of your Samsung Infuse, and then you going to snap over on top of the silicone the plastic case.

This particular one is blue, but we do have it available in pink, green, all black, I believe blue and red as well. You can find it that under our Geek's Recommendation bar here. Here’s the pink one, here’s the green one, and we also do have a lot of variety, different patterns and stuff available for the Samsung Infuse so check those out as well if this is not really what you’re looking for.

But in terms of the protection wise, this is like the best product that you can get especially for the price. It's very price friendly. It can fit almost anyone's budget and it’s one of the first items that I recommend if someone or our costumer comes to me and ask me ‘’What case can I look for that isn’t hurt the bank and still be able to protect my phone?”

This is the first item, it would be the Trident Aegis series case. It’s got the same idea as an Otterbox case where it has dual layer so it has the two layer for protection and this one even come with a screen protector. It is separate screen protector that you would have to apply yourself but it comes together so you wont to have purchase it separately which is really neat and nice to have. It's actually like a two for one deal and it comes in this nice retail packaging so you know it's real.

As you can see here, all the buttons are covered like the volume buttons all that stuff is covered so that it doesn’t get damaged. The cutout for the camera is there, the speaker holes are there. You're still able to charge your phone and have access to the headphone jack if you need it. It is covered just to avoid any potential damage to it but you don’t have to remove the case if you want to charge or listen to music.

It’s really nice. It comes in many different colors which like Otterbox and other companies doesn't really offer. Trident does have standard color like pink, blue, green and black that they offer. So that’s really nice to have just to add a splotch of color. Maybe you and your spouse or your brothers or your sisters have the same phone as you and you just want something to differentiate it, then you could, some people buy a case for that reason.

It does add a little bit of bulk to it but not too much and because of that plastic case that goes on top of the silicone, it still makes it easy to slip in and out of your pocket if that's where you normally keep your phone.

So for that reason, I always recommend this. It's a really good item especially for the price, again. We do always have free shipping on top of that so check it out guys and let me know what you guys think. Please leave us a review under the Reviews tab. Let me know. Talk to me guys and thanks for tuning in. Remember you got it from a geek.

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