Hey what's up guys? This is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Original Trident Kraken Apple iPad 2 Hard on Silicone Case with Built-in Screen Protector in black.

This is like the best type, you know, heavy duty type of case that you will find that is the most affordable. It's comparable to the Otterbox Defender series. So as you could see, it has that duel layer of silicone and plastic. And also with the built-in screen protector. If you're looking for maximum amount of protection for an affordable price, this is definitely it, the top item I would recommend.

Comes in this nice packaging. And it is brand new, unused, unopened, straight from the manufacturer. So if you guys were wondering if it's been used, definitely not used.

So how it works is, if you look at the description, again this is only going to be compatible for the Apple iPad 2, if you guys were wondering if it was going to work for the new iPad or the 3rd generation iPad, it will not work for that. This is specifically designed to fit the Apple iPad 2. So it has the two layer case. You put the silicone case on top of your iPad first. And then you will snap the plastic case over it and your entire iPad is encased in the Kraken case. So it has the built-in screen protector. You do not need to apply separate screen protector film so you don't have to worry about bubbles or anything like that. it is completely built-in on there for you so you don't have to worry about applying anything. The Apple logo is open though. That might be the only portion that is not covered. Everything else like the buttons, it has all the silicone openings and closures for the buttons. So all, everything is, stays protected. As you could see there, that's the charging port, so if you want to charge your iPad, you just lift open the silicone and you plug in your charger and it should work. Again, the aftermarket chargers may not work because it is, the aftermarket chargers are a little bit thicker but it will definitely work with the original cable that the iPad comes with. it has the anti-dust design. And with the dust that silicone covers, that's what I kind of pointed out to you guys earlier.

And I like how the case, the back of the case is still plastic, so if you have it in your backpack, or have it in your briefcase, or in your purse, or whatever it may be, it's still really easy to take in and out of those types of bags.

As you can see here in the corners, it has the silicone protection so if you were to drop it for any reason, the corners would definitely stay protected. And the sides have the silicone as well for the better grip. You want to grip onto your iPad and hold onto it without slipping, it'll definitely accommodate that for you. This does add a lot of bulk to it obviously because it's the maximum protection so just be aware of that. If you're looking for more thinner type, I would go with the Aegis, Aegis series which I have on my Apple iPad 2. And that one works just fine for me. That one does come with a screen protector that you would have to apply it though.

But this is definitely a good item recommended to you guys if you have children or if you were working in harsh conditions and still need an iPad cover, this is definitely going to work for you.

So I hope this video has been helpful. Thanks for tuning in guys and remember, you got it from a geek.

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