Hey what`up you all, this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today i`m going to talk about the Universal adhesive Charm Loop O Ring. Whats this? Its just looks like this, probably one of the smallest item that we currently carry, but its an adhesive little metal piece here that’s going to attached to either your phone, it doesn’t have to be a phone, it could be an iPod or your iPod touch or any other devices that you have, any MP3 players, don’t have to restrict yourself to cellphones but nowadays we don’t have the little opening that they used to have on the older phone models for charms but there`s so , many charms out there that you want to use and this is the way to use it.
You just purchase this little item and you have to attach your charm to the little o ring that you see here. And if you need any assistance attaching charms we do have videos available so check those out, i hope they will be informative and help you out. And you don’t have to attach it directly to your phone if you want to keep your phone protected on a case you can attach the O ring to the case so you can keep your phone protected while having a charm attached to it as well. I think its really cool, i personally love charms so i switch out charms every time on my phone. I can purchase some of these and attach them in multiple devices so there`s so many charms so i always have a few one hand i would love to switch them out again so that there are charms that can clean your LCD screen as you can see here that one does that. So you can express yourself, if youreally love flowers you can purchase the flower charm or hearts or Mickey Mouse Charms, Disney Character charms, so many available out there. And if you don’t know how to use a charm with your newer phone model again this is the way to go. And if you`re skeptical you know if this item is not sticky enough, actually pretty sturdy, i had one myself and it doestn come off easily as you think.
Definitely recommend this one you should purchase it and try it out. And leave us a review if you like it. Again this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com And remember, you got it from a geek

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