Hey guys what`s up this is JchunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I will be doing a product review on Universal Armband for Silicone Cases.
And you can see that it is black and it is a stretchy materials so if you`re purchasing this maybe you have pretty big muscles, you work out a lot and you want to make sure its going to fit your arm, i do get some odd questions about that, like will this fit my arm? Its 25 inch in diameter, i don’t know what… but it is a stretchy material and it has the Velcro type of closure that it will provide the security while its on your arm while you`re working out, again it doesn`t come with the silicone case but its only going to work on a silicone cases with that little access for the armband you could see there.
Its going to definitely fit for all size arm, but may not work for all cases, you have to make sure it has the little access for the armband.
Okay it is 1.5inch wide elastic band, this portion here is 1.5 inches, elastic band again, it stretches to fit most arms, if you`re… i don’t know, Mr. Olympian have huge arms its not going to fit, i don’t think so, maybe you need to purchase 2 or 3 and band them together or something, but for most of people it will fit and so definitely if you`re looking for something like that you already have the silicone case.
Interesting armband for it, i think this is what you`re looking for and it is at low low price now, we don’t have any reviews for it so we`d love reviews from you guys so purchase it, let me know what you think and remember, you got it from a geek.

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