Hey Geeks, this is AnimalprintGeek here with AccessoryGeeks bringing you another product review for the Universal Micro Usb Travel Wall Charger with Folding Prongs in Black.
This is actually a travel charger that has a compatibility with the micro usb phones. That’s what your adapter is. It has a folding prongs that folds up to go ahead and close so its great for chargering right through your backpack , purse or briefcase.
This charges actually not compatible for the HTC G2. It’s the only this wont work with. It has a charging indicator, its overcharging protection, it doesn’t make your battery smell up or overcharge your phone. It does also short circuit protection which helps when you plug it in your home, work or anything like that you shouldn’t get short circuit at home.
Again it is for home or travel, wall charging, it has the easy folding prongs, and it works most of the micro usb charging device. As it for now the only device that`s not compatible is the HTC G2.
I recommend this to anyone on the go. Its hard to take on your home charger back and forth your home and school, back and forth to work.
Definitely don’t want in the situation that your phone didn’t charged so its always to have a travel charger with you
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