Hey guys, JchunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today im going to talk about the Universal Leather Horizontal Pouch w Magnetic Closure and Belt Clip for your smart phone and this particular pouch will fit a lot of newer touch screen ultra thin PDA phones such as the Motorola Droid 4, motorolla droid RazRR, Droid RazrrMaxX, T-mobile, AT&T, Galaxy S2`s, HTC titan so you guys get the idea. Its got a larger screen and this pouch will accommodate that so a lot of businessman and woman out there who carry the smartphones, this will work out perfectly for you.
So as you can see here again it states that it has a magnetic closure and its hidden, its around this area here. So that’s convenient. The magnetic closure is convenient because it will help you take out your phone easier. So if you ever getting a call and need easy access to your phone, magnetic closure definitely helps that.

This on the back you see here comes with the belt loop, the belt clip is actually fixed so it that’s mean it doesn’t swivel. It allow more security around the belt, doesn’t come off when you`re working in construction or in an office, perhaps even the hospital its going to help it out so you don’t loose your phone.

Also at the bottom here is a little hole, that’s not defective don’t get that twisted, its actually just to puch it up your phone just so it can come out, just like this. When you push out its going to come out and you can grab it quicker.

This pouch is very convenient and this is the horizontal type so it`ll go lay horizontalto your body, and very popular item, lot of the business people tend to get this particular item. And you know what, for a lot of the newer phones they are actually pretty thin so it will most likely fit with the plastic case, regular thin plastic case on the phone as well, there`s a little extra room so that it will fit snug pretty good with the case on it. Of course i would not recommend or trying to fit the phone with an otterbox case or the trident case that we carry, that’s will going tobe too bulky for this. Unfortunately the side are not elastic so it doesn’t expand outward. Its just going to fit perfectly with just one of the regular plastic case that we carry. So if you want to keep your phone more protected, that’s the way to go, again it’s a good investmenf for you guys.
We also have compatibility here, again its for larger phone model, LG Thrill, Droid X, Droid Charge, HTC phones.

So i recommend purchase one, see how you like it, its pretty good quality, you could see here the leather textured. And that’s all i have to say about that.

Thank you guys for tuning in, and remember you got it from a geek.

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