Hello everybody, my name is Marvelgeek with accessorygeeks.com and this time let us take a look at universal windshield mount cell phone holder, ipod holder, pda holder, whatever holder.
It’s a real cool product, I don’t actually have the first picture to show you that. This is basically what it is, theres a suction mounts there you can use for the windshield and its very adjustable as you can see, i`ll show you some pictures here. You can see here from a different position hewre how its adjusted, it’s a vewry flexible mount in that you can extend it a bit further, it can be in whatever angle so those of us who have a different angles, either its windshield, big or small cars or if you want to put it on a windshield itself. Its got a good variety of flexibility and that aspects so its pretty much great for old types of cars out there but whats more importantly its good for all type of phones. I personally think it is. Now I want to show you this pictures shown here. Now its good for iphone, you see its fits for iphone, you know the standar size of an iphone, right?
New phones nowadays don’t get too much bigger than an iphone too much wider, maybe a little bit but not that much, it depends on the phone you used, I guess galaxy note is the only exception, you see this picture see how far it extends out. You can get pairs, when you sit down it sees pretty far. You can even hold a gps systems. You know those foreign gps that holds sideways. You can hold those too.
So pretty much any phone youre gonna need, its gonna fit in here. So it’s a really great product. Normally im saying if you and your wife goes somewhere and drive there, then you drives back and comes to your parent they switch off, you have two different phone different sizes, you can fit them both right here and uses the gps systems. You don’t have to worry about getting different holders for alts for your car, take off the suctions cup and put it on another on, now im just a bist inconvenient that way, why not go something like this? Its really cool you can see the bottom of the iphone portion, its hard actually I point it at it, so if you want to charge it with a car charger, which you can carry from accessory geeks as well while youre using it, its really a great idea. And it has an opening on the top there, no not on the side this is fairly most of charging ports are there.
Again, its really great product, great suction and a good flexibility, its universal for areason, it does a great job for handling a lot of different phones, that we suggest here on accessorygeeks.
So that pretty much it, you can contact us with more questions or anything else you guys would like to talk about, regarding cell phone accessory at 866-433-5793 from Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm PST, because we geeks likes to party on the weekend to. This is marvelgeek with accessorygeeks.com,reminding you got it from A Geek!

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