Check out Adventures with David! On this episode, David speaks about what a man and a boss wants for the holidays.

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As a man, I want something small for Christmas. I don’t want my loved ones, you know, trying to get me something big and waste their money on something that I’m not going to like. As a man, I want something small so we have money left over after the holidays for me to actually buy something that I want.

So as a boss, what would I like from my employees for the holidays? It’s always the thought that counts. It’s not the price tag of the item that you guys are buying me, it’s always the thought. And I appreciate that you remember me during this holiday season to show appreciation, even if it is a $5 item, even if it a 99 cents item, it doesn’t really matter. It’s always the thought that counts.

So what am I getting my wife this year? I’m getting her something with sentimental value. This is a cell phone case. Fully customized, 3-D cell phone case with our byproduct on it. She’s getting this for Christmas.

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