Check out Adventures with David! On this episode, David speaks about how he relieves stress.

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Everybody gets stressed out one time or the other, even if you are 1 year old, even you are 20 Years old, even you are 70 years old, everybody gets stressed out. I think most important thing is not to live in your stress.
For me, one of the ways that I relieve stress of many is doing labeling. Sometimes after a long day work, after a long conference call, I just come out to warehouse and start labeling.
So labeling doesn’t really relief my stress and I go further and go restock merchandise.
Obviously, that doesn’t work I resort to my happy place…….
All fun and jokes aside, everybody gets stressed out and it is important that you have your own way to relieve your stress. For me, I like to surround myself with good people that I can trust. You know, my co-workers are good people that I can trust and I just talk to them. Talk to them about weather, talk to them about sports teams, talk to them about work as well.
And that’s how I relief my stress, by surrounding myself with good people that I can talk to.
What is your way of relieving stress?