We make an average of 612 decisions per day. From what to eat for breakfast to whether or not you put on that blue shirt or white one, decisions are everywhere. So how do we make decisions? And how do we know it was a good one?

These thoughts are from the President of our company, David, and includes dialogue and points shared from those present.

Scammers are everywhere and convince a lot of people

How do you make a good decision?

o Grouping 1: Research – save some time with good team that knows their stuff
o Measure possibilities, measures and countermeasures
o Grouping 1: Listening to others; peer group
o Grouping 2: Plan B – if it doesn’t work, how am I going to be setback?
o Grouping 2: Own capability on execution
o Grouping 2: Being realistic about expectations and outcome; knowing what the outcome should be based on reality
o Separate emotions from decision
o Timing

    • You never buy the first generation of technology, you wait
    • Build people individually
    • Keep trying new things, everything keeps changing so you do to
    • Managers focus more on executing good ideas, not actually focusing on thinking about good ideas

Perception of a good decision

o When you buy used/old stuff you go to eBay
o When you buy new stuff you go to Amazon
o Facing off with the two giants, a smaller business has one option: be different
o Keep giving all information to make better decision: good things aren’t always good information, the bad also has to be presented in order to decide