There is one thing that separates history makers from everyone else. Action and the courage to do it. To explain, a story about Columbus the explorer. When people said Columbus didn’t do anything spectacular, anyone could have “found” America, he asked them to stand an egg on the table. Since it’s round, nobody could stand it up, so Columbus crushed the egg flat and it stood up on the table. Still everyone said “anyone could have done that”, so he asked “why didn’t you?”

These thoughts are from the President of our company, David, and includes dialogue and points shared from those present.

Legoland never gives discount. All year around they charge full, premium price. HOW: They sell to kids
- Everyone has some sort of coupon or promo when they enter
- Everything (food, games, etc.) is at child eye level
- In the carnival games, most places don’t “gift” you a doll after you lose, but at Legoland they do. Everyone has a doll of some kind, you see a lot of people winning, the customer wins because they feel like they won and the owners win because the doll cost less than the minimum amount the customer spent to even try

People with the most power in prison are the ones who control the kitchen and the commissary (store)

AAA is a company that is always “winning”: you may pay more, but they get you so many other deals that you feel as if you won with them

COME BACK: WEBSITE AND MEGA DROP DOWN; Japan shipping method; work flow/thought change for 2014; POGO case; S4 likes and dislikes

Website and Mega Drop Down: every big site has a mega drop down (hover over link and it expands; hover over another and it keeps expanding)—Jay will read “You Should Test That!” and think about the categories/links that should be in it

Pre-“Spark”: David was busy with a lot of various things
With “Spark”: Still busy with a lot more things (not relieved of busy-ness) capable because Spark helps buy time; before, if there was a fire, David would need to go down and put it out and call the fire department—now, Spark will fight the fire and David can call fire department (focus on more effective tasks)
- More busy doing things that David (specifically) needs to do

Startup companies start by giving their employees important, high ranking titles. Visualize and act like your title and you’ll become it.

The good stuff is never shown at the expos and conventions; the manufacturer always has a partnership with a distributor before and has already begun processing –that’s where we need to be

Examine current capability, look at future growth, analyze and improve company to handle the future

Spark must be impartial when gathering data

We may be seeing the second life of Galaxy S4 (all companies and kiosks are activating at ridiculous prices)