Success does not come to those who sit idly and wait for things to happen. You have to be willing to go through uncomfortable experiences and push yourself towards your goal or vision. By constantly striving to improve and having a certain level of tunnel vision, it’s important to remind yourself of the big picture. Ask yourself, how will my decisions right now effect the future? Make wise choices and try to think less one-dimensionally.

These thoughts are from the President of our company, David, and includes dialogue and points shared from those present.


If you make a mistake and you tell someone that just nags and attacks your pride, you will not want to come to that person again. Instead, save their pride and just look for a solution. If they are productive and/or want to make themselves better, they’ll correct the situation which is the best possible outcome anyway.


Women’s capabilities in the work place are equal to that of men’s, but their priorities are set on different things at different times.


How do you build a strong company utilizing diversity?

Force individuals to gain experience in tough situations that they don’t think can be done. Once they’ve been introduced and continuously asked to do it, their “eye level” is raised. People who have experience and really know always set higher expectations than what they’re comfortable with. If you don’t challenge yourself, you don’t gain those expectations of yourself and around you.

-          When a core group grows after overcoming challenges, and they spread (aka preach the gospel) throughout the company, the entire company actually changes.


What do sites that make people want to visit have?: Traits and values that Amazon has + more

-          Amazon has: reviews, perfect system, good search, fast shipping, easy ordering, cheap pricing

-          Amazon is lacking: site wide coupons


It is important to share what and how the boss is thinking, as well as providing feedback to help make decisions. When there is an understanding, the goal is clear throughout.