When it seems like a million things are happening all at once, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Take a step back to re-evaluate the big picture and prioritize achieving your goals rather than your tasks. These thoughts are from the President of our company, David, and include dialogue and points shared from those present.


  • When you execute a plan, everyone has to have a certain level of understanding in order to optimize.
  • If your team isn’t ready to execute a plan, the visionary can only make empty promises which eventually turn into a “boy who cried wolf” situation—nobody takes you seriously anymore. These limitations (both from the company’s limits and the perceived trustworthiness from vendors) effect not only the present meetings but also the future opportunities.
    • A person may not be able to fulfill the plan due to 1) not enough information shared or delivered; 2) prioritizing and ability to complete with quality may not be optimal with current duties; 3) lack of responsibility and accountability allows people to avoid doing troublesome tasks they may not want to do
  • Shaun’s role is to remember tasks, meetings and messages delivered for David.


People learn from experience (it’s best when younger [18-])

Successful company requires people with a lot of experience

  • Always need “tapers” and “gluers” that hold things together and buy time for the process/system to be improved.
    • When a process is improved and the person doesn’t have to do that anymore, they are given the opportunity to move onto a similar, time consuming task.
      • Sometimes these people quit outright, saying that they only know how to do the old process and they aren’t getting paid to learn a new task or process
  • David has to change his mindset—more ruthless.
  • Taught not to parade what you’re doing for people can be a negative thing. The personality that you show, sometimes has to be flaunted in front of others so they know what you’re doing and that they can get something from you. “PR yourself”
  • Everyone that you meet after high school is an ACQUAINTANCE. Being able to bring out or connect with acquaintances is a stepping stone for a more successful business.
  • Company presidents get a driver so they can utilize their time more effectively and work from place to place
    • Shaun is doing that for David so he can find a balance for AG development, new opportunities, and direction.
  • DIVERSIFY but still SPECIALIZE: diversify the type of products and the customer demographics, but focus on the ability to get online sales.
  • Being able to talk to others and carry the conversation may be a necessary step to move forward
  • Have a subject matter to discuss for meetings (starting with next Monday morning)
    • This will allow people to come more prepared
  • Customer service, free shipping and a wide selection have become industry standards—having them doesn’t put you ahead of anyone else
    • We want to be better: not a wide selection but rather a “RIGHT” selection
  • Results always reflect the amount of energy and time put forward