Yo whattup guys? This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com. Today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Apple iPad 2, New iPad Crystal Silicone Case, stripes on smoke pattern.

So yes, this will fit both the iPad 2 or your new iPad which is the 3rd generation, most recent one that has been released and the reason why it will fit both is because the new iPad is just slightly, slightly, slightly thicker but not too big of a difference where the crystal silicone or regular rubber silicone cases will not fit. If you guys are shopping around, regular rubber silicone cases and also the crystal silicone will fit both types.

Let's get into the item. As you can see here, it's got this cool translucent look to it so when you put it on your iPad, you'll be able to see directly and clearly through so you can see the Apple logo while keeping it protected and give you the nice sleek look and it's got the cutouts that you need. The side buttons there, the camera, and the speakers, all of that has the cutouts so you can fully use your iPad. You don't have to take off the case every time you're trying to charge your iPad or plug in some headphones so mainly is there for protection and also to give it a great look.

The stripes on smoke kind of give it more of a personality, it's something different, unique, as opposed to just a plain transparent smoke color. So it's a great contrast to the white iPad as you can see pictured here and also would look pretty good on a black one as well. Might actually be more prominent with the stripes on there.

They come in various different colors, one for everyone's liking. What I like about the crystal silicone, it keeps it very sleek and slim and it also has, since it's somewhat silicone, it provides that shock absorbent protection somewhat and these type of cases will not break. If anything, they might rip if it gets caught on a shirt or, you know, sharp barbed wire or something but I'm not sure what type of cases you are buying for yourself where you come in terms of barbed wire. Other than that, it's a great case, very durable, long lasting. I have one personally for myself for my iPad 2 and it works out just perfectly fine for me.

So I hope you guys take it from me, I personally have these. One of my favorite cases not only for iPad but also for iPhones. I've had crystal silicone cases on my other cellphones as well. Especially with this great low price and free shipping, can't beat it. Take my word for it and leave me a review right here under the Reviews tab and let me know how it worked out for you.

Alright, thanks for tuning in guys and remember you got it from a geek.

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