Gamer Geek: Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with, and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And today, I have the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s Hard Case. It is brown and white tree floral design. It is kind of like — it’s kind of like a mouthful for me to say but you can see simple design. It’s actually really pretty. I like white cases in particular. I actually have a lot of different white things. And white cases are one of my pet peeves in a positive kind of way, like I love white cases so this review might be a little bit more biased than you’d think. I like the design. It is really simple and keep in mind that Accessory Geeks have over 300 different iPhone 4 and 4S cases and what you got to do is just check it out at, links down below. This particular one is on sale for $13, and if you can find there is some coupon code, it is going to be cheaper. And remember that Accessory Geeks have free shipping all over U.S. and Canada. I have someone’s, one of the Geeks’ iPhone 4 here, so I can show you how to install this. Pretty easy. You just put it on and snap the top part on and voila! It looks super unique. People can still tell this is an iPhone 4 but they’ll be, like, “Where did you get that case from?” You can tell them it’s from and don’t forget to tell them that you got it cheaper than the one that’s listed because you got a code. Ask one of the Geeks for the 15% off social media coupon code and we’ll let you know. But as far as the review, look at this, all ports open, speakers open, [audio glitch] open, home button open, micro SIM port open, front camera, [audio glitch], sensors open, power, main camera, power, the 3.5 mm jack, lock, volume, everything is open. It has a little extra slot right there to make sure that it is easier for you to open this case. It’s really easy to open the case. All you got to do is screen them a little bit. I don’t have nails right now but we actually sell an item that’s the crowbar. It makes it easier for you to open this. My nails are really short so — but if you do have nails, it probably would be easier for you. Having a case is great. Making it look good while protecting it, even better. $13.99. I would recommend this. If I have an iPhone 4, I would actually buy this case. I don’t mind if it looks a little bit feminine. I like white cases and it looks — it makes my iPhone 4 look absolutely gorgeous. So if you’re looking for any cases, of course, just check out Don’t forget the coupon code. Buy everything with the coupon code. It makes it cheaper, better for you. This is Gamer Geek. You got it from a Geek.