Hey guys. Gamer Geek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and welcome to one of our product review videos and right now in front of me I have the Apple iPhone 4 Vertical Flip Open Leather Case in Black by LUXMO. Now this will actually fit all the iPhone 4 model including the iPhone 4S. I’m just going to open this up real quick and this is actually on sale at AccessoryGeeks.com for $16.99. Link is down below. Just check it out and we have been working with LUXMO for so long and this is one of the best cases that was ever made reason being Steve Job mentioned that the iPhone is like a camera so it has its own personal class. This case does not reduce the class. A lot of the cases from iPhone 4 we make the iPhone 4, does not look like an iPhone or does not look like a camera anymore, but this case I think so classy it doesn’t make the iPhone lose its class and it feels. So nice it is leathery as well at the same time protects the whole entire iPhone 4 in most cases only covers the back that this actually covers the front. This part is plastic with rubberized coating— well, not coating. It has like another layer on top of it. While this one is the same rubbery coating on top and this is also a hard plastic and it has that felt feel on this so it covers and hugs the screen of the iPhone 4. I really love this case. I would actually give it a 5 star. All ports are open except for the Micro sim but who opens their Micro sim you know every 2 minutes right. Power is open. The headset jack is open. Volume, the speakers are still open even though this is closed so you can always leave it on the table and listen to music and the charging port you have to open the flip, the flap sorry and just charge it over there. Again, I love this case, if I have an iPhone 4 I would definitely acquire this case. This is again on sale $16.99 at AccessoryGeeks.com. The link is down below if you find out about our coupon codes they are everywhere and they are still in different promos running at AccessoryGeeks.com so you got to check it out and if you don’t know which coupons, I am talking about always ask one of the geeks. Just talk to us and we will let you know the codes and don’t forget that Accessory Geeks actually shipping within U.S and Canada. So $16.99, even cheaper with the coupon free shipping to your door. I would highly recommend this case for anyone who has an iPhone 4 and don’t forget that you got it from a geek!