Hey Geeks this is AnimalPrintGeek here with AccessoryGeek is bringing you another product preview for the Apple iPod and iPhone Travel Charger.

This is a travel charger for your iphone or your ipod, that you want take to your office, to your friends house with you on the go so you have a spare charger.

it is going to plug in to any wall outlet, a US wall outlet, it does have the end for the ipod and the iphone, it is comes with the color of white, it’s a really easy, small, compact item that you can take with you. it is small, light and portable. it does have a charging indicator. it has a light on it. to let you know your item is on charge. it does have overcharging prevention, short circuit protection and it makes a better travel companion. allow you to use your phone or ipod while charging the battery at the same time. and it plug into any outlet to quickly charge your battery. and again it is compatible for all ipod products and iphone products, except for the ipod shuffle series and the ipod touch 2. this is the else items that does not compatible with.

Definitely recommended for those who uses ipod excessively or use their phone constantly and keep them in your office, keep them in your gym bag and anything like that.

If you have any questions regarding Apple iPod and iPhone Travel Charger, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
you can reach us at 866-433-5793. Our customer Support line are open from Monday to Friday on 8am to 4pm PST. And there is always free shipping to the US and canada. Thanks for watching, this has been AnimalprintGeek, and remember, you got it from a geek.

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