Hey, guys. Camera Geek here from accessorygeeks.com. I’m showing you the Aprolink Apple iPhone 4 Fusion Glow Shell Hard Case and glow in the dark or their glow in the dark edition. Now, I’ve already recorded this video before and tried to show you guys the glow in the darkness of it and that failed because the camera is not sensitive enough to pick up that. But you’re just gonna have to trust me that it does indeed glow in the dark. But why do you want this phone for your Apple iPhone 4 from AT&T other than the fact that it glows in the dark? Well, let me tell you why. It actually got a really nice unique design. I have had — I’ve not seen a design quite like this before, just the different parts in the corner, like you see the rubber come over. See, it looks like it’s really attached to the phone or to the case itself. And you’ve got this — what they call a dual mode design because it has a nice rubberized size. It feels nice and squishy in your hands so it’s not gonna fall out coz you have absolutely no grip at all or something. And in the back it’s got a translucent plastic backing. And it gives a total protection, 360 degree protection for your iPhone 4. And another cool thing about the back is, because it is translucent, you can cut out a photo with the stencil that it comes with or just trace this outside of the stencil of the photo then stick in the back of your phone and then people can see the pictures of your cats or whatever you have photos of. Whatever you have photos of. I have pictures of my cat, but then I also have pictures of people. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting pictures of people on the back of my phone. Just my cat. All right, you don’t need to know that. All right, it’s got a flexible one piece design. It’s all one total piece, even though it does look like two. It is indeed one piece. And unlike the other Aprolink cases, other Aprolink Fusion cases, this one glow in the dark. And like I said, I tried showing you guys before that it does indeed glow in the dark, but this camera did not pick it up, so you’re just gonna have to trust me. And trust me, it really does glow in the dark pretty brightly. I mean I have it out in the sun for maybe five minutes and it was glowing really bright, you know, and then — I don’t know; glow in the dark stuff is pretty cool. You’re gonna freak out your friends in the dark with your glowing phone. All right, guys, if you have any more questions regarding the Aprolink Apple iPhone for Fusion Dual Shell Case in Glow in the Dark or if you have any questions about the items that we have here at our store, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-GEEKS-93 or you can always contact us via live chat Facebook or email. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, eight a.m. to four p.m. Pacific Standard Time. And, as a reminder, there is free shipping to the U.S. and our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada. This is Camera Geek, guys, and remember, you got it from a geek. And if you do have cats and put your photo of them back here, there’s no judgment. Don’t worry.