Hey there, geeky friends. Marvel Geek with accessorygeeks.com, this time giving you guys a quick look at this product here which is the Ark Hippo 2 of the iPhone 4. This is actually a really interesting product. It’s very simple but very unique just like the original Ark Hippo. This design is a durable, kind of rubber-ish. The material is more rubber than the original model. It’s kind of like a phone rubber but it’s a very, very durable silicone as you can here by me bending around. It’s very thick to the touch there. And, of course, it’s got all the ports open. So let’s take a look exactly how it works on camera iPhone here. Let’s see if I can do this without breaking the phone. Of course, it’s not my phone, so [inaudible] [0:00:49]. All right, there we go. So we have the iPhone in there and, of course, design improvements on the first Ark Hippo. It didn’t really have any ports available on the top so can access all of your ports here on the sides. Of course, the volume buttons are there. You can easily access them. It doesn’t looks like it might be a little convenient, but it’s really not. And then, of course, we have on the underside there, you can charge it up and everything. And what’s cool with the Ark Hippo cases is that [inaudible] [0:01:13] unique. I guarantee you that nobody has a case like this, very neat, but also they’re free standing. So you can [inaudible] [0:01:19] right there and stands up. So if you wanna, you know, use your phone or you need it there sitting on your desk, something like that, you can just ease it standing up or, if you want, you can just go ahead and put it on the side. There you go. So it’s a free standing case both ways there and it’s really not gonna fall over, I mean, it’s very — you know, you can see how thick it is on the bottom like there’s a lot of leeway there so it’s not gonna just fall over or anything like that. And, of course, as you can see, the back is open, too, so it’s got the camera port there and you can put screen protector in the front and the back if you want. This is the purple model. We do have a couple other colors. This is the light blue version of the same one, Ark Hippo 2 there. And, of course, we have a light green version as well. And, finally, for all you pink lovers out there, we do have a pink version of the Ark Hippo 2 available. So these are the four colors we have for this particular product. They’re really cool. Like I said, very unique, definitely something to check out on our website, accessorygeeks.com. If you’re into maybe a nice cool gift or maybe I need stocking stuff or someone to give them something, you need to protect their iPhone 4, I would definitely suggest it. Well, this is Marvel Geek signing off, and remember, you got it from a geek.