Hey, guys. Marvel Geek here with accessorygeeks.com. It’s time to give you guys a quick look at the Ark Hippo iPhone 4 Cases. Now, this case is extremely simple yet extremely unique in terms of a protected case. As you can see here, it is one solid piece. It’s a little big. It is a little bit bigger on the case side but you’ll see why that is in a moment. It does — you can see inside it does have a nice amount of gear for this material. It’s a very — it’s like a phone rubber is the best way to describe it; very squishy, very durable in that aspect. But it’s cool about this case and [inaudible] iPhone [inaudible] it fits in just very easily like that. So it stays in very well. As you can see, we’ve got everything on right there. But the best part about it is it’s actually a freestanding case. So no matter what you’re doing and this will actually stand up at a little bit of angle. It’s kinda hard to see on camera but this is actually at a slight angle for it. And if you want to, you can also put on the side, and it stands up straight, too, if you want it to, or you can put it down like that if you wanna view it down. It’s a really unique product. It’s got really great protection. And the outer layer here you can — it’s very hard to see but it’s a little bit raised on the edges there so if it falls down on top, it’s going to not damage the phone, of course. It’s gonna basically protect the screen from being hit. And, of course, if you want to buy one of our screen protectors you can fit on screen there. We do actually have this in a couple other colors. We have the pink version here. You have the white one as well. And finally, the original Ark Hippo, we have the orange as well. So you have all three of these — all four of these colors available. Of course, the black I’ve showed you here available on our website, accessorygeeks.com. Feel free to take a look at it, see if it’s something that you’re interested in, get very unique case and a very protective one the same time. Great for hands free activation and anything like. And, remember, you got it from a geek.