Gamer Geek: Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with, and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And today, I am showcasing you the AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII Skins. We have a couple of different ones here. I’ll show you the difference in just a minute. and I will show you with our Samsung Galaxy SII dummy phone. This is the AT&T version. Make sure you know that this is the AT&T version. It will not fit the T-Mobile version. So, it’s really easy to put them on. You do it like so and you are done. [Indiscernible] you need to press. It’s still working. Speaker is open. Camera is open . Charging port, microphone, and also the headphone jack are still open as well so that’s also cool. I will show you the difference between these two different materials. One of them is the silicone skins. These are two of the same. This one is a little bit flimsier. It probably has thinner silicone skins material on them. This one is a little bit firmer. While these ones are the crystal silicone skins and it’s like a hybrid between a hard case and a silicone skin. In particular, this is the argyle design while this one is the plain one but the inside is argyle. So, why use silicone skin over a hard case? First of all, I believe that the silicone skins are actually better for drops. It has that rubber feel to it. It gives you a better grip when you have sweaty palms. When it drops, it acts like a bumper. While hard cases are better for scratches because if these get scratched, the rubber might create a hole in it. Hard cases are better for scratches and silicone skins are better for drops. Some of the novelty ones like these ones, Halloween is coming up soon, think of it as a costume for your phone. All these are costumes for your phone and clothes for your phone you can change it everyday, every year, every whichever you want while protecting it. These cases actually protect your phone. I own several different cases for my phone and I’m glad I have it. It’s essential to have it. I drop my phone a lot. Like the day that I had a case off, I actually dropped it and then I got scratches all over it. But it’s a good thing I also have a screen protector on because screen protector helps to protect your screen. These cases range from $9.99 and up. If you find any coupons anywhere, you can always check it out at, link down below, this whole section. If you can find a coupon anywhere, just use it for the $9.99, depending on which model you want, and then don’t forget that Accessory Geeks actually have free shipping all year round. Everyday we have free shipping so check it out, This is Gamer Geek. You got it from a Geek.