Hey what’s up guys? This is JChunGeek here with the AccessoryGeeks.com. Today I’m going to doing a review for the Original Ballistic AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 SG Hard Case on silicone in blue black.

So when you think Ballistic I think crazy right? And this particular case is just that it. It’s a really crazy case. It's crazy protective. It's a crazy design and Balistic is really good brand as far as making cases that protect your phone. So as you can see here, it is kind of a like a hybrid case. It's got the silicone and also the hard plastic back and it’s got a nice blue accent to it, so you can kind of customize it. It is like personalized to what you would be looking for.

If you like blue and you'd probably want to get this case. And it comes in this nice retail packaging so you know what’s real and as you can see it's strategically made here. The silicone case, it's actually a two piece case. It's kind of hard to tell from here but the silicone is separate from this hard plastic back .

So initially you will have to slip on the silicone case over your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and then you will have to snap on the plastic portion over the silicone. Now as you can see on the corner bumper there are the extra silicone pads there. That's to protect it if you were to drop it on its corners. That'll protect your phone from getting damage and prevent your screen film from getting crack potentially.

This screen is open. it is entirely open so it does not have any type of build in screen protector, so I highly recommend for purchasing those screen protector films separately. We do have a variety of different kinds so check them out and see which one is going to accommodate your needs. But as forthe case, what I like about it is that, yes it will add a little bit of bulk to your phone but it is still easy to remove and take in and out to your pocket if that's where you normally keep your phone due to this plastic back cover.

So it is textured so that you still have better grip on it and even the volume buttons on the side, as you can see here, are covered so does prevent potential damage to those button as well because some people maybe work in harsh conditions where you can potentially get damages to your phone is constantly on your holster or you know, you got to keep this phone close by you on a desk with this crazy machine around. I’m not sure but it would definitely keep that protected because I know sometimes things can kind of get messed up and things like that.

It's just to avoid any potential accidents on your phone because I know that this particular phone is pretty pricey and it's not that old. So for this price, it is very worth it. It's very protective and again its very cost friendly and we have free shipping on top of that. Hopefully that will encourage your decision and help you out on whether to purchase this case or not. We do have them available in different colors. If you not feeling with the blue we have all black if you want to stay safe.

And we do have a multiple different cases to fit your budget but this one is, I would recommend it If you looking for protection and are not trying to break the banks. So leave us a review right here let us know what you guys are thinking about it so far we got one 4 star review and one 5 star review, so thank you Fritz from LA and Cal from VA. Appreciate it.

Thank for tuning it guys, and remember you got it from the geek.

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