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Hey everybody! MarvelGeek here with and this time we’re going to look at the OEM Ballistic Samsung Galaxy S3 hard case and silicone. This is the black and white model but it does come in multiple colors.

Ballistic is one of my favorite brands of protective brands. They do a great job with their testing and they have one of the best lines of cases out there on the market.

Here, let’s open the packaging right here and take this out. Of course you can see this really nice packaging it comes with.

So here’s the case and it’s the black and white model of course it comes with other colors. It basically comes in two layers. So we have the thin yet protective layer of silicone and it’s got these nice bumpers. We’ll talk about those in a second on there. And on the back layer, this is basically a dual layer in itself for the plastic case. It comes with a shock absorbent-based layer of polymer and a polycarbonate shell right here on the outside. So it’s got additional protection within the plastic case and again this is a very thick, very protective material but it’s not too thick for your phone. Basically you’re going to put it in like that so let me show you what it looks like when you put it on.

Here’s our S3. You’re going to slide it into the silicone case first. Very snug already, this is very snug and protective in itself. It’s a very good silicone case. So all you’re going to do is line up everything properly here. Very easy to slide it in there, very nice. And once it’s put in there, it pretty much will not come out. It’s very protected and there you go. You’ve got full access to all your cameras and functions. Of course on top there you can use your headset and, of course, the charging port on the bottom. It’s fully open there. It’s a great case. It’s designed for drop protection. Of course we’re all going to drop our phones every once in a while and this is to designed to prevent any issues from that. Like I said with the bumpers before, most of the time you’re going to drop your phone and it’s going to hit on the corners or something like that. It won’t land like this but it’ll bump on a corner or something like that. So these are specially designed bumpers that actually have a little bit of a thicker layer on them to absorb more of the shock so basically your phone takes no damage from it.

Again, Ballistic is a great brand. They have a lot of great products and the drop protection on this is second to none. It comes in a lot of models and different colors and it’s not only for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It comes for a lot of phones as well so you can definitely check this product out on and remember you got it from a geek.