Yoyoyo, whattup guys? This is JChunGeek, from the AccessorryGeeks.com and today I’m doing a product review from the Original Ballistic HTC Sensation 4G SG Hard Cases on Silicone in Black.

So this case is made by Ballistic. It's very well known for making high quality, really durable products. I don’t know If you guys have seen some other videos but this is a true story a customer of ours purchase one of these cases and he rides a motorcycle. He was going on some sort of turn and his phone fell out from his holster. Well the cases are designed with the holster and I think do think it was the speed, I don’t know how he had it but it fell off and he went to go back to get it and he said that it did not even have a scratch were that were not on the actual phone. So the case is very protective. It just gives me the idea on how much it, well, protects it. He’s believes he was going like 60 mph so it does just give me the idea on how much protection that type of case can offer because it's specifically designed.

As you can see there, the silicone bumper there are to protect all four corners and is strategically designed. I should say that to offer the maximum protection, well, offering you like kind of a convenient design that can still have access to your phone, the photo screen and the camera port and all of that stuff so it’s abstractive. You’re still able to charge your phone and listen to music and plug in the headphones and things like that which is cool. And it does come with some nice detailed packaging so you know that it's real. And it’s kind of a nice hard back cover. It's going to allow you to easily take in and out of your pocket or purse or wherever you want to keep it and it's really great for the price as well.

We got a video for you guys to check out on YouTube. Hopefully it gives you a better idea on how to use the dual layer case. So you have to slip off the silicone case off the phone and then you got to snap the plastic case on the back of that, so it’s a two piece case even if it looks like one.

Check out the video it gives you guys a better idea. Again its compatible for the HTC Sensation 4G and please give us review. We've got 2 reviews so far. It’s from Jackson from Ohio. Thank you for this great review and from Techo from Alabama. Thank you so much for leaving that for us and I highly appreciate it. And again, on top it having a low price and there is free shipping so take advantage of that and purchase your own Ballistic case today. Thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from the geek.

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