Hey guys, this Gary Geek with accessorygeeks.com. Welcome to one of our product review videos. This is actually the Casio G’zOne of G-zone, depending on how you want to read it – Brigade C741 holster with belt clip. Obviously this isn’t black. This is our dummy phone. It’s not included when you purchase the holster. But this is one of our top seller as the rotating belt clip so you can have this horizontally on your belt or you can have this vertically like so. It has full – actually 160 turn – a little bit over 180 – 180 turn. It will be enough for you to actually – if you want to go this way – whichever you want to go. This is the dummy phone that unfortunately goes only one way because of the different dimension. One has the extra tube over here – let me show you real quick. So you take it off, you pull this one out, then you pull the phone out – that’s the easiest way to take it out. So because of the bulge of the phone you can only put this in sideway which is actually good because you’re actually protecting the inside, the screen of your phone. Not that this phone actually needs any more protection because supposedly this is one of Casio’s rugged and durable phone. But it is pretty simple. This is actually on sale for $8 with free shipping to US and Canada. If you know our 15% social media coupon code you can always just ask one of the geeks for it. We actually update that coupon every two weeks so you have to ask us every time. We want more interaction from you. It’s a very simple item – this is the Casio G’zOne Brigade C741 holster with belt clip in black. If you actually purchase this item – before we actually give out five geek points for whoever reviews it – for every approved review it is five geek points and I think our reward is if you have 25 reward points it’s a free universal screen protector so it’s always a good idea to shout out and we want to hear what you say, help us out with your review. So there you have it, this is the Casio G’zOne Brigade C741 holster with belt clip in black for $8 from accessorygeeks.com. This is Gary Geek – you got it from a geek!