Hey guys Maxine here with AccessoryGeeks.com and I’m going to go ahead and show you how to install the BNA Nature Case with the Wood Backing. Now as you can see here this is what your case looks like fresh from the package. They include additional screws as well as an Allen wrench and spring protectors for you to apply to your phone. If you need help applying your screen protector you can check out any of our numerous tutorials on how to apply a screen protectors to the iPhone 4, but we’re just going to go ahead and go over the installation of the actual case. Now as you can see here the case is held together by these 4 screws at each corner of the iPhone 4 so what we’re going to do is we’re going to take our Allen wrench and we’re gong to remove the screws by turning left as you can see here and we’re going to remove each of the top screws from the case. And you want to turn left and not right because if you turn left or if you turn right you’re going to wind up tightening the screws instead of loosening them so I took the liberty of removing the two screws on the top of this case here.Now as you can see a wood backing is included with your case so you’re going to slide the wood backing into the case itself before you install your phone.Now ones you remove other screws from the top of the case you’re going to slide your phone in till it fits nicely and neatly into the case and then you’re going to begin screwing the screws back into the case. Now this time you want to go right, rightie tightie, leftie loosie so turn that until there is no more gap between the screw and the prong here. So as you can see here there is no more gap between the screws, the case, and that prong and I do that for all 4 corners of the case and ones that’s done your case should look something like this and it will have the wood backing on as you can see here so very nice beautiful and aesthetic and easy to install. So thanks for tuning in, this is Max with AccessoryGeeks.com and you got it from a geek.