Hey guys Maxine here with AccessoryGeeks.com. We’re going to go ahead and do a quick installation guide for the BNA Nature Aluminum Case for the iPhone 4. Now when you open up your package you’re going to notice that one you have a case here and then you have these spare screws as well as an Allen wrench. Now this Allen wrench will help you remove the screws from the case itself so you’re going to go ahead and take your case and then just remove each screw from the 4 corners at the top of the case.Now when you remove the screws make sure that you’re doing lefty loosie and not rightie tightie turning it to the right will make the screws tighter and you don’t want that because you want to loosen the screws.Now I already got a key so they’re unscrewed and as you can see here this is the top portion of the case and then this is the bottom portion of the case.You’re going to go ahead and insert your iPhone 4 into the bottom of the case and then lay the top of the case right over it.Now as you can see here with the case there are insets where the phone so fit nice and snuggly so your phone is not moving around so go ahead and just push that down until you feel like it’s stuck and you’ll know it’s stuck because when you pull up you won’t go anywhere. Now time to add the screws.You’re ready to go ahead and screw in each screws the 4 corners and now when you’re going to screw these in I like to keep my finger on the bottom screw but without going anywhere while you’re turning the Allen wrench to the right.Turning it to the right will tighten the corner of the case until the screw has nowhere left to go so as you can see here this is now installed and there’s no gaps between the screws and the prongs. So do that for all 4 corners once you do your case should look something like this with your iPhone inside of it and you’re all set so thanks for tuning in this was Max with AccessoryGeeks.com and you got it from a geek.